we achieved a major proactive 

policy win last year


– one that we are incredibly 

grateful for in light of efforts to repeal the 

Affordable Care Act (ACA). In May 2016, 

the Governor signed into law the most 

comprehensive birth control access bill in the 

country, which codified the ACA’s birth control 

benefit for Vermonters. This means that if 

Obamacare is repealed, no-cost birth control 

will still be available to Vermonters. The new 

law, among other things, extends the no-cost 

birth control benefit to vasectomies and allows 

dispensing of one year’s supply of prescription 

birth control.


New Hampshire 

throughout a tumultuous 

2016 legislative session, PPNNE and our sister 

organization, the Planned Parenthood New 

Hampshire Action Fund, were successful in 

defeating 16 bills that would have restricted 

access to reproductive health care. These 

included attempts to permanently defund 

Planned Parenthood from all health programs 

including Medicaid; ban some abortion services; 

impose unreasonable regulations designed 

to shutter women’s health providers that offer 

abortion; prohibit fetal tissue donation/research; 

repeal the clinic buffer zone law; and make it 

harder for schools to offer sexuality education. 

We also successfully fought alongside allies 

to secure another two-year reauthorization of 

Medicaid expansion, which offers coverage to 

approximately 50,000 uninsured people in NH. 



, after 12 months of tireless 

engagement and advocacy, PPNNE and our 

allies secured new family planning coverage. 

Like similar programs in VT and NH, the 

MaineCare Limited Family Planning Benefit 

covers birth control, STI testing/treatment, 

annual exams, cancer screenings, and other 

limited services for 12,000-14,000 Mainers with 

low incomes.

Through its sister organization, Planned 

Parenthood Maine Action Fund, PPNNE 

worked with our partners at Mainers for Health 

Care to collect more than 66,000 signatures 

to place a referendum on the 2017 ballot to 

expand Medicaid in Maine. If the referendum is 

approved by voters in November, 70,000 low 

income Mainers who currently don’t have access 

to health care would be eligible for Medicaid.






“Two years ago I started my own business, which 
meant that I had to pay out-of-pocket costs for 
health insurance…Planned Parenthood worked 
with me to find a less expensive birth control 

prescription, and allowed me to pay 

on a sliding scale based on my 

income. Aside from lifting a huge 

financial burden, you provided 

a more caring, professional, 
and knowledgeable medical 
experience than any other  

OB-GYN or general practitioner  

I'd ever seen.”

— A PPNNE Patient