In 2017, PPNNE and our sister organizations, the 

Planned Parenthood Action Funds in each state, 

fought back relentless attacks on reproductive 

health care and rights and fought forward to 

secure proactive legislation to protect and 

expand access to care and equitable health 

policy. PPNNE supporters who make up a powerful 

grassroots movement were key to these victories.

Community Action Teams


made up of passionate 

activists and volunteers are mobilizing across the 

region, in areas such as Chittenden County, and 

Brattleboro, VT; Concord, Manchester, Keene 

and Seacoast, NH; the Upper Valley (NH/VT); and 

southern, central and downeast ME. Campus 

groups at colleges across northern New England, 

including UVM, Middlebury, UNH, Dartmouth, 

UMaine, USM, Colby, Bates and many others, 

are educating and engaging their campus 

communities. PPNNE’s volunteer programs offer 

many ways for supporters to get involved and 

make a difference. Together, we are creating  

long–term sustainable change.

In Maine, 

we had a national impact. Recognizing 

the critical role Senator Susan Collins’ vote would 

play in protecting access to care, the Planned 

Parenthood Maine Action Fund mobilized 

supporters soon after the 2016 election, training 

volunteers, placing dozens of op–eds and letters 

to the editors, and driving thousands of phone 

calls into the Senator’s office asking her to stand 

strong and fight for Planned Parenthood. And 

she did. Our work to win Senator Collins’ support 

was vital in stopping multiple attempts to repeal 

the Affordable Care Act and defund Planned 

Parenthood in 2017. One of the most far–reaching 

victories in 2017 was passing a referendum that 

expands Medicaid coverage to 70,000 Mainers.

In New Hampshire

, the Planned Parenthood New 

Hampshire Action Fund defeated budget attempts 

to defund PPNNE, and stopped bills that would 

have compromised access to quality reproductive 

and sexual health care in New Hampshire by 

restricting abortion care and an attempt to repeal 

the health center buffer zone law, which is a key 

tool for ensuring patient safety and privacy. 

In Vermont,

 the Planned Parenthood Vermont 

Action Fund advanced pro–active legislation, 

including a bill that requires insurance companies 

to report back to the legislature on how they would 

provide full coverage with no cost sharing for over-

the-counter contraceptives without a prescription 

once any new contraceptives become available 

over the counter. This bill came about because the 

FDA is currently reviewing an application for the 

progestin only birth control pill to be available over 

the counter. We want to ensure that people who 

use this method now, will continue to access their 

contraceptive method with no cost sharing.

“The experiences I’ve gone 
through as a trans person 

with mental illness have been 

difficult, and arduous, and 

sometimes unbearable. However, 

when I came to Planned Parenthood to 

start my hormone therapy, I felt like the awful 
experiences of my past were finally behind 

No more invalidation, no more 


I was finally able to simply express my 

goals and honestly discuss my struggles without 

PP has been such a positive 

force in my life

, and I could not be happier 

about my decision to be a patient here.”